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I have delayed having my areolas tattooed for fear I wouldn't like the way they were done and knowing it is permanent, I haven't been ready to make that leap. When Eve spoke at the Miraval Spa, in Arizona, I was ready because I had already looked at her information in our binder of information. I followed her immediately and made the appointment without hesitation. Her compassion sold me not only on her personally, but on her product. I felt like crying when I saw the change and I really did feel like I had had a procedure that would work for me forever. After two weeks, the areola area still has color and I'm very satisfied.

The product is starting to fade now... I loved it. I am flat, no breasts. But, this product helped me to know I am going to not do the breast implants. I like how the nipples look, so I am probably going to have tattoos done...
Thanks for letting me be a part of your life and success.
I will see you on 60 Minutes!!

Dear Eve:
Not only do you have an inventor's mind, beautiful spirit, but what a voice you have. It is too much for one person to hold all that wonderfulness.
I have little nipples!!! I really think my boobs look better even though they are flat. I don't feel as uncomfortable and I have you to thank.
I can still use some art lessons, but other than that I am very pleased.
Thank you for opening your heart and your creativity this weekend. All the nippleless people who are hiding out there can come out and whip off our shirts!!! We should have a defrocking party.
I will read about you or see you on TV soon.
Be well and keep your spirit's warmth blessing others.
God bless you.

This is the first time in years that I feel as if I have breasts at all. THIS is phenomenal.

Hi Eve. They look great this morning, darkening nicely. Have a great weekend.

Progress report -- I'm delighted with color, size and placement. The whole process is really exciting. It was so great to meet you this morning. I'll keep you posted on developments. Thanks so much for your help.
Warm regards

It sounds like your product would be a wonderful addition to our resource list for our Native American cancer services northwest conference at Kah-nee-ta Resort in Warm Springs, Oregon. Would you be available to lead an afternoon workshop discussing your product?

Eve, My husband's physical reaction to my Me Again Kit results, CANNOT be faked! ;)

My doctor was speechless. Then he took pictures! :)
Really Me, Again!!

I did this for me. For me, because I didn't like the way I looked... sort of like an unfinished canvas. I was worried about my appearance if others should see me, didn't want my mate to see me. NOW LOOK! I look GREAT! What a surprise, for me ! !
Crazy about Me Again

i have a very keen interest in it and would have dearly liked to see it in the uk!

I love how it looks. Thanks so much. I feel more confident.
Thanks, Eve.

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