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MeAgain™ Kit Surgical Alternative for Women Recovering From Breast Nipple and Areola Complex loss.

The realistic effect achieved by using the herbal breast completion MeAgain™ Kit provides lasting emotional and psychological benefits as an alternative to painful and risky surgical nipple and areola tattoos. Women with reconstructed breasts due to breast cancer, may not be good candidates for nipple reconstruction and often face devastating disfigurement.

Eve Silver, is a retired medical research analyst. Silver is also a two time breast cancer survivor faced with an unacceptable problem: She was unable to have the final breast completion surgery which would have provided her with reconstructed nipples and areola tattoos. "Breast reconstruction is an important device in the emotional and psychological repair of self-image," says Silver."The interim between reconstruction of the breast, and nipple reconstruction, may be lengthy. Nipple reconstruction is risky, and may compromise the integrity of the breast implants used in breast reconstruction. Painful and costly areola tattoos often fade over time, leaving behind unsightly marks. Artificial or prosthetic nipples are hot, cumbersome and may require the use of adhesives or bras." Silver said. "These are constant reminders that one is not physically 'whole'."

Silver's personal dilemma lead her to the development of the amazing MeAgain™ Kit, the first non-invasive,non-surgical all natural herbal, breast completion kit. "The MeAgain™ Kit beautifully simulates the appearance of completion for nipples and areolas," says Silver. "The semi-permanent colorant, in combination with the unique breast stencil I designed for the Me Again™ Kit, is an excellent nipple and areola alternative for women with reconstructed breasts who are between reconstructive procedures, older women who have faded areolas or areola tattoos, or women whom are not good candidates for nipple reconstruction or nipple tattoos," says Silver. "This alternative method provides a non-invasive, realistic effect that nothing save surgery or tattooing can match for women or men between reconstructive procedures, or those unable to have those procedures at all."

"Let me see that again!" This was the initial reaction of breast cancer survivors who have seen the realistic results of the MeAgain ™ Kit first hand.

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"The product is made of natural leaves from the Lawsonia Inermis plant, used for hundreds of years, in henna. The results do not rub off or stain clothes, they wear off slowly over time and redoing the process is easy. "Now when I step out of the shower, visit my doctor or go to the gym, I feel like Me Again!" Silver says.

"The need is out there, I want to meet it. Women without insurance coverage for costly tattoos can easily afford our reusable kit." Many women yearn to look in a mirror and say, "Hey! It's MeAgain™!"

"I know, I was one of them."

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