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Non-Surgical, Non-Invasive
Natural Herbal Cosmetic Alternative
to Nipple and Areola Reconstruction for Men

Rejuventates Nipple Appearance
The Me Again Kit simulates and rejuvenates the appearance of nipples and areolas for men who choose not to have, are unable to have, or, awaiting nipple and areola reconstruction after mastectomy as well as those men who have faded areola tattoos.

Spice up your appearance!
The MeAgain™ semi-permanent breast completion kit restores vibrant, natural color and does not rub off. MeAgain™ fades naturally and provides a safe and natural alternative to surgery.Relax and feel ruggedly self-confident whether at the gym, the pool or at home. Me Again restores physical appearance, security and youthful self-confidence for both men and women.

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